On Line Product Registration

We encourage you to use this method of recording your Jason purchase. It assures you of immediate warranty coverage. To be eligible for Jason’s warranty coverage, your product must be registered. As an alternative to submitting information via the internet, you may submit the warranty registration by mail.

To begin the process you will need your Jason product serial number. It is located on an information tag found on the inside rail of your cap or lid product. For EGG trailers the serial number is located on an information tag on the front left side or on the MSO/Title document.

We appreciate if you would take a moment to answer a few questions about your purchase. This information helps us build buyer profiles for our products. It  is held in confidence; we do not sell or distribute information to any outside party.  Answering these questions is not required to register your purchase.
Thank you for selecting a Jason product.


☞ 6 Digit Number for Fiberglass Caps and Lids. Number located on the left base / mounting rail.

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