Jason's Company Story

Jason’s story begins in 1972, when like many other successful businesses of our day, it all started in a family garage in Goshen, IN. Lon Franklin along with a partner started building “Wooden Covers”. Soon the product line grew and shifted to aluminum truck caps. Acceptance of the product was overwhelming. Within a few months Lon’s dad, Rex joined the company.

Originally named Brougham Truck Caps, it was soon discovered a Texas firm owned the copyright. Rex suggested they rename the company after Lon and Carol’s newborn son Jason. The legend in truck caps was born.


To go along with the new name, the company moved into its first “full fledged” production facility on Field House Avenue in Elkhart, Indiana. By the early 1980’s Jason Industries was getting into the fiberglass caps and expanding the facility. Soon the little building on Field House developed into a complex with three buildings.


With customers fueling the company’s growth, it became clear more room was needed. The Lusher Avenue multiplex in Elkhart was the answer. With more room, it would now be feasible to continue to meet the market demand for Jason truck caps head-on. Today, this production center has grown to house four manufacturing hubs.


Along the way, Lon added staff.  Carol, his wife, is still the company secretary / treasurer. Jason, now grown, worked his way up through the company. Jason Industries is blessed with an excellent staff from the production floor throughout our sales, office and management groups.


We are an American success story…..

Since our founding in 1972 we carry the spirit, passion and belief in our work, people, attitude and commitment. Building the Jason brand is all about enhancing relationships with the customer, and building loyalty based on reputation and trust.




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